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Learn how to play poker

poker for dummies image      You’ve watched every episode of High Stakes Poker… You’ve seen every WSOP on TV… You’ve read every poker book you could get your hands on, and now you can’t wait to get started - great! You’re at the right place. This is a one-stop tutorial for anyone who wants to learn to play winning poker.

The lessons start with a quick overview of poker rules, poker guidelines and basic strategy. In this first section, we have included statistics developed by major research groups that will help you decide on how and where to play. After that, we guide you through the process of downloading poker room software, creating your first online account, and growing your bankroll with a valuable sign up bonus, using our exclusive bonus codes.

We explain different poker games in detail; you’ll learn how to play them all. You’ll learn poker terminology, you’ll learn betting rules... You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to play and win! We have reviewed all the top poker rooms, so you can choose the best place to play. We also list all of the major tournaments- freerolls, qualifiers, satellites, speed tournaments, guarantees... We’ve listed them all in one place to make it easier for you to find the fish.

We have also set up a section dedicated to Linux and Mac players- it’s hard to find a good poker room for Linux or Mac, but we’ve made it simple. We discuss poker rooms that support Linux and Macintosh platforms, and what utilities you will need to install on your computer for them to work properly.

Our tutorial contains everything you need to know about online poker, all in one place. If you’re ready to win...

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