Double and Triple Barreling

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Double and triple barrels are extremely important skills that will help poker players achieve success without the need for good cards. A double barrel is the second attempt that a player will make to take away a pot. This second attempt to win a pot will come on the turn because the flop would be considered your first opportunity. The word barrel is representative of the fact that you are trying to fire into the pot with nothing. You want to barrel the other player(s) out of the hand because your hand has no showdown value.

Players will rarely call a value bet a double barrel, even if bets were made on consecutive streets. Barrels, whether they are doubles or triples, are almost always a bluff. For the purpose of this article you should always assume that you have no hand because that is the true meaning of a double or triple barrel. There are so many dynamics in double and triple barreling that many players don’t know when the correct time is to implement them. It really is not hard, however, to make your double and triple barrel attempts profitable if you are able to stick to a few guidelines.

Double Barreling:

Double barreling is easier and much less risky than triple barreling. You will be able to achieve a relatively high success rate when double barreling because players will often float flop bets in the hopes of taking away the pot on the turn or river. In addition to weeding out the players who might have been floating you, a double barrel will also put enough pressure on players that they will strongly consider folding made hands that they have.

You will find that players will often call a flop bet with no plans of continuing on if you show further aggression. A successful double barrel will require that you make a bet against someone who has the discipline to make a fold, whether they were floating or had a decent hand. If you double barrel calling stations you will be wasting your money because they will call you down far too often for your double barrels to be profitable.

Triple Barreling:

Triple barreling can be extremely costly. The triple barrel is one of the tougher moves to pull off in all of poker because it will require unmatched aggressiveness combined with consistency. You need to be able to tell a believable story if you want a triple barrel to work, this is where the consistency comes in. If you are making bets or moves that don’t add up you will have a very difficult time forcing a fold from the other player.

Your aggressiveness will need to be on another level as well because if you slow down there is a solid chance that the other player will simply elect to call you. Once players start to invest decent amounts of money into a pot the odds of them finding a fold later on begin to decrease. The best time to attempt a triple barrel is against a player who you think is capable of making a fold or when the river card will be scary enough for the other player to throw away their hand.

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