Playing Wet Boards

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Wet boards are fantastic if they connect with your hand, but they can be troublesome if they miss. A wet board would best be described as one that is “connected.” A connected board will generally have cards that all play a similar role in creating a bigger hand. For example, a flop of 9s Ts Js would be considered extremely wet as the cards are not only perfectly connecting for a straight but they are the perfect cards for a flush as well. The more draw heavy that a board is the more wet it is.

So why are these so difficult to play? If you are holding a hand like KK on this same board of 9s Ts Js you might have a gut shot straight draw, but there is a solid chance that your opponents could have you crushed. There are so many ways for a hand like pocket kings (especially if it doesn’t include the Ks) to lose on this type of board that its value will be greatly diminished. On a wet board a hand’s showdown value will decline to a point where it really has no showdown value at all.

Connecting On a Wet Board

While it may be difficult to play a wet board when you are holding a pocket pair type hand, you will undoubtedly have a ton of leverage when you manage to connect with the board yourself. Using the same example from above, if you have 8s Qs you will have flopped a straight flush. Now, this is of course an extreme example and there is a very small chance that you will ever flop a straight flush, but it is all for example’s sake.

So pretend that you do indeed manage to flop a straight flush. Will the other players(s) ever be able to put you on such a monstrous hand? Of course not, and this is the beauty of connecting on a wet board. Poker is a game full of deception and it will be very easy to hide your hand’s incredible strength when the other player(s) can’t possibly determine what you are actually holding. A straight, flush, or even two pair on this same board would all be hard for someone else to legitimately put you on.

These types of hands will have the vast majority of your opponent’s range crushed. Another great thing about the deception involved with a wet board is your ability to stack players who otherwise would have been able to find a fold. Kings or Aces would be very unlikely to fold in this spot, even if you do have them dead.

Missing On a Wet Board

Just as it is great to connect on a wet board, it is terrible when you miss. The advantage will always be in the hands of the player who connects or who can at least represent a hand that could have connected. You will be the player who is often deceived when there is a wet board and you are holding a hand that might have previously had strong showdown value. You want to deceive other players when you connect on a wet board, but you must be careful that you are not deceived yourself when you miss.

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